Monday, December 4, 2006

Men, how many times are you getting up during the night?

So men, how many times are you getting up during the night to use the restroom? If it is more than once you could have BPH or prostate enlargement. The first thing to address is maybe you just drink too much liquid at bedtime, but chances are, if you are over thirty five, you may have enlargement of the prostate.

This is more common than you can imagine, but the interesting thing is it never used to happen until men were about fifty to sixty years of age.I am sure we can blame most of this change on our diets, our caffeine consumption, inactivity, our weak abdominal muscles, our failure to drink enough water and the extreme amount of stress we are under. The reason I mentioned weak abdominal muscles is that fifty years ago most men did extreme amounts of physical exercise, they ate lower fatty diets, and keep muscles in the abdominal region strong as well as the lower muscles in the groin, this is a factor to consider.

Most men will go to the Doctor, the Doctor may do a digital exam, you know the prostate white glove test, and may also order a blood workup that will show your PSA level. The PSA is not a fool proof test, but it does in many cases at least alert the patient as well as the Doctor that it may be more than just enlargement, possibly an infection or even prostate cancer. Once the Doctor has ruled out the major things he or she may suggest medication to help with the prostate enlargement problem. This is when you may want to say NO, and let the Doctor know that you would like to take three months to go the natural non side effect route, they will always agree, and some of them will even suggest it before you do.

Next, get your self to the highest quality most knowledgeable health food store in your town or city, if you live in Nevada send me an email and I will direct you where to go. Pick up the strongest prostate formula, and possibly even some additional nutrients to relieve the swelling.

Before I go any further, you need to have an understanding of the prostate. Yes it is a small walnut shaped organ, but it is also very important. It secretes sex hormones, helps with reproduction and also can increase or DECREASE your libido!!!

Imagine you are in the back yard watering the lawn with a hose in the summer, and as long as there are no kinks in the hose you get a nice smooth steady stream of water to do the job. Now imagine, same scenario, one of your friends or your kids stands on the hose, the water will still come out, but the flow is diminished and it will take a lot longer to finish the job. Welcome to the prostate, the urethra runs trough the prostate and when all is normal and not swollen,the urine flow is normal, with age and all of the above mentioned factors the prostate enlarges and clamps down on the urethra and the flow is diminished. This is why you get up so many times during the night, because it takes two, three even up to five times to empty the bladder, so you have to keep getting up, because the urge will wake you up.

When you take prescription medicine first of all it takes up to six months or more to get the full but small effect, also side effects are very possible like low libido, impotence and moodiness. Many tomes you are given a high blood pressure medication, not for your pressure but for the side effect which is urination, and also you may be given a bladder medication that does nothing for the swelling it just empties the bladder better, a band aid basically.

So get your natural products and start drinking more water. I always tell you but now it is not a luxury it is a necessity! Take some supplemental zinc, eat a handful of raw pumpkin seeds every day, start walking and doing lower abdominal exercise, and have sex, yes believe it or not, it helps the prostate.One other thing, prostate enlargement can also be directly related to high cholesterol, so get that checked, and once again, try the natural way first, you liver will thank you.

Prostate enlargement is not a death sentence, but it can cause problems that can psychologically cause major problems, as well as the night time frequency and the daytime slow stream,lack of sex drive and in some instances inability to perform sexually, so fix it and correct it and get on with your life, it is easier than you think.

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