Sunday, December 3, 2006

The holiday fifteen

Happy holidays and happy fat and sugar consumption! You guessed it, the time of the year when we are drawn to sugar and fat like a magnet. We cannot resist walking by the plate of cookies, free samples at the mall, and lets face it, sweet and fat are what we love to eat, BUT, not so sweet and fat are what we end up becoming.

So how do we get through this season without putting on the Holiday fifteen, and then more in January and February? Because you know the first warm day when you have to uncover yourself from all of the heavy clothes, and you see yourself in a full length mirror, you will most likely have a coronary and need a prozac chaser.We arenot new to this, we go through it every year, you would think we would expect it but as we get more mature, we just do not recover from the holiodays as quickly, and our bodies show it plain and simple. Those ten pounds you used to be able to shed in a week now takes a few months. It is as if the body wants it and refuses to let go of it. So I am always asked, so what do we do?

First of all, watch your carbohydrates. Potatoes, bread, muffins, rice, pasta, sugars and sweets, dairy and the such. Limit yourself to the higher protein foods and green veggies, you are always safe this way. Then if you do partake a little, it is not way above and beyond, it actually does fit the category of a treat, or splurge, rather than plain old pig out. Drink a lot of water, not only for dehydration purposes, but also to keep you full. Never go to the grocery store hungry, never, because you will bring home all the stuff you do not need and forget all the stuff you do need.

As far as nutrition I recommend two things one is Lipotropics, which is a natural fat emulsifier, and a concentrated form of lecithin with no stimulants so everyone can use it safely. It lowers cholesterol, breaks down body fat deposits and helps to eliminate cellulite. It also increases circulation as it breaks down fatty plaque, and gives us more energy as we are then able to get more blood to the brain, and the choline helps our weakened and compromised memories. You can use as many as two to three each meal, and flush the fat away. The next product is a non stimulant carbohydrate blocker called Carb Arrest, This my friends is a cheat pill to take when you over carb indulge, it also works on sugars and fats at the meal. It blocks those calories from converting to sugar fat, and then ultimately to more butt, thigh or gut fat. It is best used with a low carb high protein diet, but is also very effective when someone just wants to have a cheat day, and since there are no harmful stimulants everyone can use it safely.

Next, try parking far away from the mall so you have to walk in. Even if you do need to be at that end of the mall, park there anyway so you can get in a good walk while shopping. Eat at home so you will not be tempted at the food court, and stay far away from it as the blowers are on and pushing that great smell of junk food into you nose and brain, and all of a sudden you WILL be hungry again. Sometimes even if your shopping is done, going to the mall, and walking around and enjoying the people and the music and getting exercise is a way to help with the battle of the bulge as well.

Remember to keep moving, eat only when you are hungry, get good amounts of rest and enjoy the holidays. If you follow these tips when New Years Day gets here, you will not have to add fifteen more pounds to your New Years resolution.

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