Saturday, December 16, 2006

Having the nothing fits for the Christmas party blues again?

Did you know, although it may be impossible, that you could shed about ten pounds by the end of the year by just cutting out carbs? It is the funniest thing, we stand in front of the mirror getting ready for all of the holiday festivities, and stand in front of a closet with clothes we cannot fit into. We get upset, end up going out to but a one timer outfit, saying to ourselves this is the last piece of fat clothes I am buying. But we go to all of the parties and do the very thing that causes us to be in this mess in the first place, we eat sugar and carbs, and lots of them, and every food company in the country knows it. Foods are advertised to be sinfully sweet and decadent, and we dive right in head first and enjoy every bite.

Why do we do this? We know better, we have all of the information, we hear all of the reports on Diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease, and obesity, but we just do not listen.

So hear are the rules, if you think you can do it, depending on how bad you need a jumpstart, and how important it is to get a noticeable visible difference before the holiday.
Eat only protein, and small portions, you will go through mental withdrawal, but in three days you will not be hungry, and once you are over the mental habit, you are home free. If you can do this until years end, in January I will upon request steer you through a three month reshaping, and rebuilding you body and your life.

Sounds easy, it is, and if you have just spent twenty minutes trying to figure out what to wear to the company Christmas party, you will get it and know exactly what I am taking about. I am still amazed how let food rule our life for the negative, when we could just wave a wand and have it rule our life for the good of our health just as easily. Problem is, bad eating, most of the time just plain tastes better.

Eat to live, do not live to eat, but of you do, make it protein!!

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