Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hoodia to the rescue

Today starts a two week overeater ticket to paradise. A ticket to binge and to indulge, you know eat everything in sight, and some things hidden.

If you can, pick up a quality, standardized brand of Hoodia before you are too far gone. Hoodia is used in it's elemental root and bark and leave form by bush men in Africa, and all over South America to curb hunger. They chew it and brew it as tea and are able to travel long distances without food.

They also have no desire to eat. Here in this country it is not as if we are traveling long distances in between availability of food supplies, but we could definitely use something to keep us from driving our car from one drive up window to another.

In many countries, being able to travel lighter and not packing so many supplies can mean the difference in getting to their destination or not. Although we do not have this trouble in America, our problem seems to be which place to eat, and how many times per day to eat.

So lets be realistic, you know you will overeat and indulge. You know you will say "I will never do it again, and next week is when my New Years resolution starts", so save yourself a little trouble and use the Hoodia and just eat less. It might just be what you need to stay on course without depriving yourself. You eat what you want, but a lot less of it.

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