Saturday, December 2, 2006

Holiday Heart Syndrome??

Have you heard of this new syndrome, it is called Holiday Heart Syndrome? It occurs around the holidays and happens to frequent every day drinkers of alcohol as well as non drinkers that partake in the festivities only around the holidays.

It is a situation that causes a increasing of the heart beat and sometimes a tightening of the chest, upper chest ,throat and pulse. Many people feel they have trouble catching their breath, or that they may be having a heart attack and many end up in the emergency room. Although in many instances heart rhythm will adjust itself back to normal,sometimes it could need to be shocked back into rhythm or medication may need to be used. There also is that possibility that a heart attack could be happening, we need to keep that in mind too.

My feeling is that this is also a time of year when people are very dehydrated and alcohol intensifies the dehydration. Stress is also in peak levels during the holiday season and many people are on work deadlines as well as holiday shopping, and dealing with travel and upcoming scheduled events. I think all of this together with over consuming alcohol all combined together add up to Holiday Heart Syndrome as they are now calling it.

A few hints, first of all if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure avoidance of alcohol is of course the intelligent route to pursue. If you decide to partake anyway or anyone else that does enjoy the holidays through some alcohol consumption, be careful, pace yourself over the evening so your body does not get overly saturated all at one time. Take a break and have a bottled water after a few drinks to re- hydrate yourself. Make sure to eat, empty stomach drinking almost always means you will get to that level very quickly and sometimes before you even realize it. Of course leave your car keys at the door, and designate a driver before your group starts to enjoy the festivities.

If you are prone to a rapid heart beat, get it checked out, many times it is nothing more than stress. Start to do some cardio exercise and add some Co enzyme Q 10, Hawthorn, B Complex, Garlic and some Cayenne pepper capsules to your daily nutritional arsenal, as these all help with circulation and protecting your heart.

Enjoy the holiday season but pace yourself, make good judgments, and do not over indulge, in the long run your head, stomach, and heart will be glad you did.

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