Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blessings are right in front of you eyes,if you look hard enough

Celebrating our strengths and appreciating our weaknesses should be part of our thought process this time of year. I think that we forget to think that we have so many areas of our lives that we need to be thankful for, mostly because we always seem to dwell on the negative parts. I am not sure it is just a human kind thing, or whether we just forget to look around and see everything that is good.

I blame so much of it on the eternal quest for perfection, not that perfection is the same for everyone, but the media seems to plant a permanent seed in our brains that perfection is all contained in our visible outer surface, and nothing below the skin seems to add up to the "perfect person". The most ridiculous thing is, we buy into it, "HOOK, LINE AND SINKER". Whether it is the clothing we wear, the automobiles we drive, the latest place to dine, the newest plastic surgery, whatever, we become ruled by the media and let it not only run our lives, but run our minds as well.

My ideal definition of perfection would be someone that enjoyed getting up every day and going to a job or a career that made them feel wonderful and that by doing it they were making a difference in the world and for everyone they meet. Someone that was happy with all they have achieved, and wants people to know that they are happy. A person that can look in the mirror and say, I need to lose a few pounds and most likely get back to the gym, but I do look great and I feel great and I am healthy, and doing those things will not define me as a person, but can help to possibly make me feel even better than I already do!

To have that person look around at the home and say I am so lucky to have all I have achieved rather than I need more. To look at their family, their kids, wife, husband , significant other and say how lucky I am to have love in my daily life. These things are the individual pieces of our lives that do define us, not the superficial things we obtain or collect. I always try to remind myself that it is not the one "with the most toys who wins in the end", it is the one who takes the most wonderful memories with them, and leaves the biggest void behind them in the game of life. This way you know you have done a good job in the eyes of you friends, your family and all you have touched. So stay as healthy as you can, and appreciates the blessings all around you, you may just find that a New Years resolution is not necessary at all.

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