Friday, December 15, 2006

Bad breath?

Did you ever wonder why even though you use the best mouth wash and toothpaste everyday and your breath is still not fresh and clean? Why you always have a fear of breathing on someone and they will jump back because of your breath? You even do regular Dentist appointments to make sure all is well, and your Dentist always says great.

Makes you wonder what can be going on in there. You are even one of those people that steer far away from anything spicy, no garlic or onions for you, I mean why add to the problem. You have chewed so much gum and sucked on so many mints that the inside of your mouth is totally numb. If this all sounds familiar, you may be surprised to know that it may not even be your mouth, teeth or gums, but could all be coming from your stomach. Yep, bad digestion causes more mouth, oral, body, and elimination odor than any other reason.

If you think of the summer when you take the trash to the road and the pick up is a day late, and the smell is creeping up the driveway? Well now imagine, that same scenario in your stomach, but the odor is coming up through your mouth in your breath, through the urine and stool, and seeping through the pores, and there you have the problem at hand.
The one great thing about all of this is that the fix is easier than you think, and the results can be permanent as long as you stick to them.

Step one: Chew your food completely, like your Mom always said, chew your food or you will choke on it, she meant it, but in this case, chew it or you cannot digest it.

Step two: Pick up a digestive enzyme, I like the Ergozymes, as there is nothing I have ever found to be stronger or more complete with the power to break down all food groups. Take one or two after every meal to ensure you are digesting all you swallow.

Step three: Stop drinking liquids at your meal. When you drink too much at the meal you dilute all of the acids in your gut, and then your food just floats around for hours waiting for the stomach to create enough acid to break down the meal. This way you also stimulate gas, pressure, and can end up on the purple prescription pill because of this bad habit.

Step four: Pick up some Odoreze, this is an internal combination blend of Chlorophyll that will do an internal deoderizing of you gut everyday, and work like an internal deodorant. It will help with a sour stomach, help with the smell that seeps through the skin and out the mouth. It actually freshens the entire inside of the body.

I know it sounds easy, but why not, some things are. Most of us have a hard time thinking that something that drives us so crazy every single day need be so complicated, but sometimes it is just that easy.

So mints and gum will now become a pleasure again and not the first line of defense against the world. No more doing the hand to mouth breath freshness test everytime someone you know is coming in your direction.

If you need help to find these wonderful products, please email me or leave a comment on the blog page.

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