Sunday, April 1, 2012

Moving forward as a country.

As long as I have been in this industry, I am always amazed at how much more there is to learn. You, if you want to be on top and visible in the industry, must keep up to date on new research and new findings, as well as new breakthroughs. I find it interesting how many physicians, many who I know personally who just 10-15 years ago would never take a multiple vitamin, much less recommend a nutritional regime for their patients, but today they do.

Is it because of advertising, frustration with medical companies, insurance billing problems, or could it actually be a sense of actua;l interest in the health of patients? All I do know is that I like what I see. I like the fact that Doctors are not all across the board any more, only willing to think prescription medication first. What I like the best is how many Doctors are actually searching for a health problem cause and a reason and looking for the problems behind the symptoms.

Are we there yet completely? No. Are we closer that we have ever been? Yes. Today, we are at a time in history when the fields are drawing closer together, and a more harmonious balance is beginning to emerge. Where we end up is anyones guess, but where we have been for a long while, swimming around in the guessing game, and using an overabundance of pharmaceutical drugs has not done us well.

My philospohy us "chanhge is good, but only if you are ready for change, and ready to learn from where you were before, and of course ready to learn and embrace what lies ahead".

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