Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Choosing a positive mindset

Do you ever feel that your mood is influenced by things you have no control over? Obviously, we are responsible for getting rest, staying active and eating a diet that is as good of a quality foundation as we can afford. We are also responsible for having a positive outlook, and for trying to surround ourselves with people of like mind set and preferably positive people.

The hard part in reality, is when the external forces that affect us are the people in our immediate circle, including our family, friends and co workers. These are the people that are with you or around you, or at least verbally in your life the most often, so environment becomes a factor. So when do we decide that sometime we have hit our saturation point? When do we decide that our health and sanity are more important than dealing with the negativity, being a sounding board, picking up the pieces for all the foolish mistakes people around you make, or just being the "fixer"? I guess all of us have our tolerence levels, and for some of us it is later than sooner.

I wonder how many people spend their whole lives pickling up and repairing everyone and never get the chance, or Taking the chance to work on their own lives or better the quality of their own lives. I am saddened to see people in their later years that have been in a negative situation so long that it is all they know? Is it their own fault for staying, or is it that they did not know anything else, our were they just fearful of leaving? I guess we will never know what goes on behind closed doors, and maybe it is truly none of our business?

I guess I just feel that life is so short, and living and existing in a negatiove situation, putting up with verbal or physical abuse should never ever be tolerated. I think everyone deserves the chance to be happy, or at least has the right to choose happy and say no to the negatiivity that runs so common day in our world.

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