Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our everchanging nutrition field..

Although I have been doing this, I mean working in the health and nutrition field for now thirty four years, and I sometimes arrogantly think I know it all. I am usually wrong, and then end up learning something I did not know, or thought I did. For me this is never anything other than exciting. It means that the health and nutrition field is changing, growing and continually developing new techniques and new delivery systems for our lifestyles that seem to be heading in one direction, towards unhealthy living.

What amazes me is that our need for new supplementation and healthy alternatives and compliments is changing, and most likely not in the best way, or for the right reasons. Our needs are changing due to the fact that we are more unhealthy, more rundown, we have more diseases, and we are aging into the geriatric disease category at a younger age. None of this is good news, but having a continuous stream of new adjusted health and nutrition products is a good thing. In my opinion it translates into hope, and possible great success for future quality and possibility longevity of great health.

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