Thursday, March 1, 2012

Been to your Dentist lately?

When you you delay going to the Dentist, the only person that gets hurt is you. I know, myself, growing up I hated the Dentist, and with good reason. My Dentist was hurtful and had bad breath and made feel bad and the pain was awful. It took until I was an adult to search out a Dentist that could be not only supportive and professional, but an artist and so gentle that I felt comfortable.

Most of us put off going because of these same reasons, either fear or bad experiences. What I have learned is that the longer we wait, the chances are small problems become large problems and damage that could take a lot of time and money become more probable. No matter, going in and getting an over view may also be surprising, and it may not be as bad as your feared.

Gum disease, and periodontal disease are both on the rise, as are unhealthy teeth and bad breath odors, You will see this as there is so much advertising today for breath freshening products. Oral Cancer, I have learned is also on the rise, and a good Dentist will use a Val scope to check your mouth for beginning signs or more deadly advanced stages of oral cancer.

Bottom line, spend more time on your oral care. Get an electric toothbrush and use the timer to make sure you are thoroughly brushing, long enough, 2 times per day. Flossing is also important and a must to remove particles that if left in place lead to gum inflammation as well as odor and tooth degeneration.

Interview your Dentist and make sure you are comfortable with his training, teaching and  bed side manner. Remember, you are hiring your Dentist, make sure it is a good fit.

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