Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Genetics............Not always the only factor!

I am often asked if there is a health problem in my family, am I going to get it too? Genetics, and family history are factors, but they are not the deciding factor or end result in every case. Although we are in the genetic lines of family members that have certain health problems, I have always looked at it as a map to where we may go or could end up, but there are many other factors that may help us to prevent the problem, or "dodge the bullet".

I have often been someone who encourages people to go to family reunions. It is a direct look into the mirror of what you should be concentrating on, health wise, and what trains are coming at you as you stand on the tracks of life. If you discover that cardiovascular disease, or diabetes is a family issue, you need to start living a healthier life, removing things in both your lifestyle and your diet that may lead you towards these health problems. I feel that just because there is an issue, or the possibility of a health issue,we need to be responsible for our health, and in doing so, we may change the course of our future health.

Another thing to remember, all of us have different ways of eating, dealing with stress, weight issues, sleep issues and lifestyles. Work habits can be different, immune systems are also strong in some of us, and weak in others.So having a health condition in the family is now a starting point that may, or may not be a future issue. Always remember to use the information as a tool, and do what is necessary to get jump on your future health.

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