Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting to the home page of your gut problems....

In today's world, digestive problems are not only on the rise, but have become an epidemic problem. Drug stores, seeing to monopolize on the suffering and symptoms of the public,are more than willing to cater to all of our annoying digestive problems. The problem is now so common, that most drug stores have increased the size of that digestive department, and in many cases it is now an entire aisle. Although I understand the frustration of  these annoying problems, as I had them myself for many years, I finally decided that covering up the problem, or playing hide and seek with the symptoms was not the way to go.

First of all we need to take responsibility for our digestive problems as it is either the food or beverage we just consumed that is causing the symptoms, or it is the years and years of stomach abuse that is now at it's breaking point. Changing the diet, adding a digestive enzyme to allow your gut to do what it needs to do, like it did before we messed everything up is essential. Probiotics, added daily, will help support our digestive process. Using both digestive enzymes and probiotics, believe it or not, will help to bring you to the successful side of relief much faster.

Somehow taking responsibility and giving up the foods that cause the problems, as well as changing the diet seems to be the hardest part. But, although relief is the result you are looking for, you may at the beginning use something to get you through the day, like an antacid, while the enzymes and probiotics are able to start sorting through this gastric disaster you have created with bad food choices and your fork.

I will agree that the discomfort and pain, in some cases is hard to deal with, but seriously, getting to the exact problem and addressing it is the best way to go. Covering up any problem in relation to your health, although a quick fix that we do appreciate, most of the time does nothing more that cover it up.

It is good to know that gut and stomach problems that cause distress either once and a while, or every day can be controlled, and you can feel better again. One last tip, when your digestive system is working correctly, your vitamins, herbs, medication all work better, and you may finally see the benefits of  products you are now using, but because of this gut problem they are not digesting you never see a result.

At one time digestive enzymes and probiotics were just suggested, but today, they should be at the top of your priority shopping list.

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