Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Smelling the roses..........

We seem to be in a hurry doing everything except enjoying life these days. Although I get the quest for furthering and achieving our goals, providing for our families, and allowing and affording ourselves things that make our life more enjoyable. The thing is, as we progress through all of these steps during our lives, we do forget to take the time and smell the roses, and for some of us, we forget to even look to see that they are there.

How many times have we had a shock to our routine, like a bad blood work up, or bad news from a Doctor’s visit? How often have you been privy to downsizing, or unforeseen problems that have blindsided you, and until it did, you may have felt you had the perfect existence? Although these things in themselves are part of life, and we must realize that no matter what your demographics, sex, race, religion or financial status, we are all going to deal with one or more of these, and many others during our lives. For this purpose alone,  enjoying each and every day becomes even more important to each of us, at every age.

So why does it take a death of a friend, a loved one, a spouse, child or even someone you knew casually to make us think how fragile life is? Why does it take a family member or friend dying in the hospital, at a “way too young” age, for us thing of our own mortality, and how we should be thinking of living healthier, and making those changes that we keep saying we are going to do?

I remember a story of 4 brothers and sisters whose father was dying of lung Cancer. We were all up in the room visiting their dying father and after an hour or so, some fresh air was necessary. As we came down the elevator all of them were distraught, and sad, and could not believe he had lived a life that was so unhealthy. As we went outside the comments about being healthier and life is too short were being thrown around. The minute we went outside and sat down, all four of them lit up their cigarettes. All I could see was the irony of their statements, and at the same time, their weakness. The power that these vices of all sizes and shapes have over us, and how we may be unsuccessful against them, until we are ready for a change.

This past week a dear friend of mine passed away, and because of my busy schedule, although we are very good friends, I did not learn of the passing until the service was over. I myself realized the importance of slowing down, and was reminded of the fact that there are no guarantees, and life is precious. So as I write this, I am reminded that it is the lessons like this one that makes me hopefull that I will learn something, and remind myself of the importance of enjoying all I am lucky enough to have, and not just the quest for the thingsI think I may need.

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