Sunday, May 6, 2012


Have you ever wondered what it is that clicks when we finally decide that today is the day? Is it a subconscious "know all" that way down deep we need a change, or is it a frustration with our daily bad health, or maybe just a disgust with having to deal with bad health symptoms that take away from our quality of life? I think it may be different for everyone, and the trigger or realization is whatever it takes to kick us in the rear end and motivate change.

Like the difficult process of  quitting smoking. There are literally hundreds of proven and unproven, successful and unsuccessful ways to quit smoking. Is any technique better that any other? I say No. In my mind, burying a potato in the back yard during a full moon, if you in your mind are serious to the core about quitting, may be just enough to spark a change.

Change is something that will always occur throughout of life, with or without our approval. Change happens around us every day, in every aspect of our lives. The changes that we personally control, are hopefully the ones that can and will change our health as well as our outlook, emotional balance and quality of life.

I wish there was a way  to stimualte all of us to gravitate to the healthier side of living, but for each of us, the destination, and the journey we pursue at our own pace, is part of the change.

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