Wednesday, May 30, 2012


As many of you know, my dog Keeley has been missing for now for 15 weeks, and it has been one of the worst emotion ordeals I have been through in a very long time. It is a true test to the importance pets play on our lives, and a true example of how truly important they are to us. I am blessed to have a lot of amazing pets, but I think once in a lifetime you develop an amazing connection with an animal, and my connection just happens to be with her.

I have had to learn, or relearn, or maybe just apply a lot of values that I have not had to incorporate in one thought process before.  Patience, trust, protocol, and the hope that the person who has her will eventually do the moral right thing.

I guess if you have had this happen to you, you will get it, and if you have not, it is quite awful. Your mind races all day long and I find myself feeling the symptoms of a death and the loss of a friend all at the same time. Some people will say, it is just a pet, I say, her devotion and friendship and loyalty are things I wish and hope their best friends are able to offer them.

So I take it day by day hoping for a call from anyone that can do a micro chip test, but in the back of mind the reality and prospect of her return becomes dimmer and dimmer by the day. What does stay alive and bright is that she, wherever she is at this time, is being taken care of and loved and feed well..

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