Monday, May 7, 2012


Have you ever wondered why some of the people in your circle are amazingly healthy and they do all the wrong things, eat the wrong foods and never take care of themselves? It does happen that sometimes genetics Do play a role in the pathwork of our lives, and sometimes they can even be strong enough to overshadow our really bad habits. Although the body may be able to handle the unhealthy way you live at this time, but  there is no guarantee that these "genetic" supporters can last, or help you forever. Every thing has it's expiration, and sooner or later you may see those same people lucky enough to have these "built in" helpers begin to have their health start going south.

The bottom line that we should all try to commit to memory is to embrace our health and appreciate our genes andour natural defense systems. Try not to abuse them or take them for granted just because you have them. We should never require them to be our salvation, but instead appreciate our genetic good health as a condiment to the healthy meal of our life.

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