Sunday, August 26, 2012

A new blog direction...

So, long time, no write. I have decided to take the blog in a different direction. Most of you know my radio show brings you great information and great quality companies who make amazing nutritional products. The best guests in the industry are available to you the hear, as well as the most updated information about the choices available to you for better health, 10 radio shows per week. I have decided to do my own critique, and product review, besides the information brought to you on my radio shows. I want to bring you honest information about products in the health food and nutrition industry, and the ones you should take a second look at and consider for your daily supplement and food choices.

I think it is important to have the best informational tools at your fingertips, so now youwill have one more tool you can use to bring you to the place where wiser decisions can be made.

As a reminder, my radio show can be heard at 8 AM PST and 5 PM PST Monday through Friday, and you can listen at my site by clicking the listen live tab. Go to
You can also email me from the site, or click the "ask Jeff" button to send me a note, or go to my face book at radiowithjeff.

All of these will allow you to stay up to date and you may get the information you have been looking for. Please send you friends to the blog and my web page, as my radio archives are also available fro download at your convenience.

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