Friday, July 20, 2007

Travel tips

As I am traveling quite a bit now it is easy to see why so many people get so sick when they do so. I see people all the time that do not prepare nutritionally for being in a melting pot of germs. Every time I see someone that is sick I ask if they are a frequent traveler. If they say yes, I ask if they take the correct nutritional supplements to keep their bodies prepared for the stress traveling puts on them. Many are not even aware they have a choice to change things, and many do not mentally connect bad habits with travel to make a unhealthy situation.

Most people are very interested and are unaware that there are nutritional supplements that could keep them from traveling sick both while they travel as well as when they are home in between trips and even once they reach their destination.

Many tell me that they seem to have year round allergies and colds, some will also talk about the distress of their digestive system eating so much junk and different foods that they may not be used to. Some will say it has been so long since they have eaten a vegetable, or a home cooked meal. Many will say they gain 15-20 pounds every year doing their job.

Most will ask for a list of what to do's and what to take for better health, and I always assure them that it really is not that hard to follow.I am so impressed that over 95% of the people I speak to are interested and in need and will always take notes and my email to stay in touch.

I recommend starting with a foundation program that is balanced. One that contains a strong timed released multiple vitamin, also a separate timed released vitamin c, a vitamin e with anti oxidents and a multiple mineral. Next I always recommend a full spectrum digestive enzyme to insure absorption ans a pro biotic to prepare the digestive system for germs and bacteria in the foods they eat when they travel. For those non sleepers I always suggest either Valerian root or l-Tryptophan to ensure a great nights sleep. The cardinal rule is if you do not get a good nights sleep, your immune system will be down and this is when you are wide open for germs and the possibility of getting sick. The last thing is to eat at least 2-3 servings of green vegetables and one fruit, and to drink at least eight to ten glasses of fresh water every day.

It is amazing but by making just a few changes to the things you already do, you will be so much healthier for it. We need to realize that if we are not in good health and not well rested we are no good to ourselves or to anyone else.

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