Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hopefully all you do for yourself is working

So here we are in the dead of summer and like normal most of us are complaining about the weather. I find that most of us will adjust and then before you know it the weather changes again. Oh well, I guess flexibility needs to be our middle name.

Flexibility also needs to be our philosophy if you will, as to the state of our health. Let's face it, we do not heal or recover or lose weight or basically do anything like we did years ago. Is it our age? yes. Is it the way we such bad care of ourselves? yes to that too. So what is the bottom line here? We need to take better care of ourselves and treat ourselves as if we really care.

I am often asked what is the best nutritional way to insure the best overall health. It really is as basic as can be, but we have a tendancy to do two things as adults. One, we make everything more difficult that we need to, and two, we wait until we are broken down and falling apart before we decide to make a difference.

The easiest way to get back our slipping health is to deal in the grey area. Grey area because most of us do not want to have an all or nothing situation and many of us are really not serious about making changes until we are up against a wall. The moderation state of mind allows us to think we are moving toward a positive lifestyle but not having to jump in with both feet.

So what does this moderation condition entail? Drinking more water than you do now, eating a diet fifty percent better than you are presently eating, and get yourself to a quality health food supplement store for quality supplements. This is actually the most important to me because some people feel that as long as they are supplementing their diet with vitamins, no matter where the obtained them, they should see fireworks and get life changing changes by tomorrow. Although supplements are a key issue, they need to be quality raw products, and formulated in labs that ensure proper absorption for the consumer.

I have learned this is a lot for individuals to deal with, so if you find yourself in a quandary or are confused as to the quality of the supplements you are using, please e mail me and I will direct you to a place to shop in your area, or give you a place to order from.

My feelings are when you finally make the decision to change the quality of your life and make life altering changes, you need to make sure you know what changes to make as well as where to go to get the proper tools to follow through.

Please keep me and my expertise in mind if you run into a wall with confusion. I will be happy to help direct you or steer you in the correct direction. There must be nothing more frustrating that to find out all you have done with nutrition to help yourself did nothing for you as they were not in a form that your body could utilize!!!

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