Friday, June 29, 2007

I grow more amazed at Americans every day

When you notice that your body is changing and things do not work like they used to, this is for most of us a pink slip that we are getting older. The interesting thing is that it is happening to people who are not old. Young people with geriatric diseases, it is horrific, but true, and scary to think that we are the ones causing most of it ourselves.

When I was young, people began to hurt, they would have Rheumatism and Bursitis and Diabetes and Heart disease when they were old. It was something that most would say, he or she is old and everything is beginning to break down and fall apart. Today, people are having a hard time believing that they have type II Diabetes in their thirties and forties, blood pressure problems and cholesterol disasters in that same age bracket, and old bones and arthritis when they should be in the prime of their life.

It is hard to believe it is happening to us at a young age, but lets face it, stand back and take a look at lifestyle, diet, lack of exercise, stress levels and bad habits, and then say to yourself that it is hard to believe.

We have every tool available to us to get and stay in the greatest of health. More than any other country actually, but we still choose all of the wrong paths and make the worst choices, and do not take warning signals seriously. The thing that is so frustrating to me is when a disaster happens with someones health, and the Doctor tells them what they already know, they suddenly want to do everything they can to change their life overnight. This is the mentality and they cannot understand why doing things now cannot make and correct years of their lousy bad choices and fix all that ails them by tomorrow.

This is when I usually say, you have had these habits for decades in some cases, and you have known about what was coming and how your health was becoming compromised. So why now, because a man in a white coat puts the fear of God in you, do you think what you have always known is now easy to do and understand?

Amazing as it sounds I see it every day, and I am marveled at how the judgement of an individual can change at the drop of a dime. Maybe the answer is people need to be told what to do and warned by someone, anyone in a white coat and then instantly the foggy picture becomes clear. Maybe I should start wearing a white smock?

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