Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why we do the things we do

I am often vitamin asked by many different people why do I not feel anything from my vitamins that I take every day? I think the answer to this can be answered by one of three different questins.

The first question I ask is where did you buy them and what kind of sources do they use?

How are the products manufactured and in what kind of laboratory, and are they regulated and FDA approved?

The third is, why would you continue to use a product that claims to make you feel different and does not make any noticeable difference for you?

We need to remember that because there is not as much control over the vitamin industry, many times companies will cut as many corners as pssible to save their bottom line, and the effectiveness of the products and the customer satisfaction suffers for it. Also, there are not as many strict standards in line as far as the labs and how they utilize their raw products and how the air, bottling, capsulizing and tableting procedures are used. This can cause a dramatic difference in the effectiveness and success of the products we the consumers buy and use.

The reason I have stayed with Great Earth for as many years as I have has to deal with the fact that they are made in Phoenix Labs in New York. Phoenix has been an FDA sanctioned laboratory for years and continually adds updated machinery and expertise to be ahead of the manufacturing process every year. Having this status puts Phoenix in a very small minority of companies across the country that has earned this prestigious honor, and then have to work to maintain it year after year.

The last thing to remember is if you have been using a product or products for a period of time and you have not been successful or achieved the benefits you were looking for, then it is time to change it up a little. Many consumers stay with things because of being a creature of habit, but this is not a time to stick to your guns, it is rather a time for change.

What happens is some people try an inferior brand, get no results and then get a bad taste in their mouth and give up on it completely. It is hard to think about it but not all supplements are created equal, and I am sorry about that, but sometimes if it is cheap and seems to good to be true, it most likely is. Like they say, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are, it is a duck!!

Take the extra time to research the supplements you take. People spend more time researching their clothes, their cars, and their travel plans one hundred times more that the supplements they put in their bodies, go figure!

If you are troubled as to where to go and what to look for, e mail me and I can steer you in a productive and effective direction.

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