Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tablets versus liquid supplements

So I thought I would answer a question I am asked all of the time, and yesterday three times. Is it better to take supplements in a tablet or a liquid?

Liquids certainly are a faster delivery system, but the drawback may be that many of those supplements are not digested in the stomach and may become destroyed in the acid before ever reaching the intestines where they are supposed to be digested and absorbed. Some people are so familiar with the stories of tablets coming through the digestive tract through the colon unbroken down and whole, This is very true but that is not the full story. Many of the natural manufacturers use vegetarian coatings that break down no matter how poorly the digestive tract works. Some, and many pharmaceutical companies use everything fro carnuba wax, red and yellow dyes and shellac to hold the tablet together, making it very difficult for us to digest. Thereby the term "Bedpan Bullets" came to be associated with those supplements.

The other drawback is with a liquid, there is basically no way to sustain the length of time in a body or timed release it for all day coverage. Easy in, quicker out! I will always take a timed released supplement that I can be assured of all day coverage and having nutrients at your bodies disposal when it needs it.

So to answer the question of liquids versus" High quality" supplements, I like the idea of liquids, and there are people that cannot for whatever reason swallow a tablet, so it does have it's place. But let;s face it, we live in very stressful times and we need all day protection and need to have that protective wall around us.

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