Friday, June 22, 2007

Bad habits

As I visit so many different places, I always ask the same questions when at lectures or doing training. I am amazed that no matter what part of the country I am in the answers are almost textbook the same.

Now I have to think that I am in so many areas that involve different demographics, different financial situations, different age levels, different backgrounds, both sexes and different races, so how can the answers and the health problems and results of my questions all be the same, or close to it?

The answer I think is that although everyone around the country wants change and everyone wants the perfect healthy body, and while almost all of them desire a healthy lifestyle, very few do what is needed to get it. That is the answer. Although want and desire is stressed, the common denominator is PROCRASTINATION.

Crazy, but so true, and also frustrating because I cannot blame it on anything other than low motivation and laziness. If we were graded on want to, and desire, Americans would all receive an A, but since we have to grade on actually applying themselves and follow through, the grade would have to be incomplete.

All of the know how about health concerns and diet and exercise and supplements. Enough information that it should make people run for the hills to get away from their unhealthy lifestyles, but still no motivation on their part.

I never ever judge bad habits or tell people to quit them, habits are personal and most will quit them when and only when they want to. I have a funny , well not so funny story that proves true the statement I made above.

Many years ago I was with 4 of my friends I grew up with, they were two brothers and two sisters. They were at the hospital and we were visiting their Mom who was in a coma dying from Cancer everywhere in her body. She was a heavy four pack a day smoker and heavy drinker, so basically no surprises here. As we were all in the room, the Doctor came in and spoke to all of them about smoking and the pitfalls as to Cancer and death, and he spoke to them for about a half hour. The Mom passed away about a half hour later, and after a while we all got in the elevator to go down to our cars. As soon as we stepped outside to talk about the plans and what to do next, all four of them lit up. I never said a thing, but then at that moment I realized the intensity of habits and how and why they are so hard to break.

I am sorry to say that three of the four have since died of lung and or throat Cancer and the forth has emphysema. This is why it is actually pointless and really none of anyone’s business when someone we know and love has a bad habit. It is up to them and only them to make the change. Honestly, our bugging people is annoying and should not be done, once again we can be concerned and hope for the best, but that’s about it.

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