Sunday, June 17, 2007

Slow down we move WAY to fast!

So the heat is here and we are all making adjustments so we can better tolerate the heat. The funny thing is, those of us who complain the most, are also the same ones who do it every single year. I mean, we live in the desert, so we should know that every single year we will be in the low hundreds for at least three months.

I always laugh because for the first few weeks everyone seems to put off things and then eventually realize that they need stuff. Gas, food, clothes,cigarettes, booze and need to go somewhere other than just going to work and coming home and hiding from the scorching weather. After a few weeks, we get used to the heat and we go on like we do every single year.

Things eventually cool down and the weather is very pleasant for about a month or so, and then it gets cold, and then we have something else to complain about. I guess when it comes down to it at the most basic level, we will never be, nor are we ever satisfied with the now or the present. I think many of us spend our entire lives living in the what could be and the maybe tomorrow will be better, until we realize that we are now old and where did the and our lives go.

As I am traveling around the country I see it everywhere I go, and hear it in conversations where ever I am. Everyone seems to be in a hurry to go no where quickly and waiting for things that have not happened, and hoping for a better next week when we have not even finished the day.

I know that hoping and planning for bigger and better ways to enjoy our lives is a dream of every person every where, but maybe enjoying what we have and where we are now at this moment will keep us more focused and under a little less self induced stress.

Take more B Vitamins and possibly some Kava and maybe a bit more Ginkgo Biloba. These can all help our stress, our focus, and keep our nerves at bay.

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