Sunday, May 13, 2007

Summer, the great motivator

Well, after a brief vacation from blogging, I am back and ready to chat. I am not sure about the area of the country you are in, but Las Vegas is right at the onset of hot weather season. The time of year when you do not have to remind people to drink water or to cut back on their eating, mostly because they are really thirsty and not as hungry.

It is the time of year when activity comes to us naturally, and trying to look good is a reachable, or at least a focus able goal. People always say why is it easier to do all of these things when it is warm? Well, it is not because people are any more motivated, it is merely because it is hot out, we wear less clothing, and we visually see the mess we are in from being bundled up and lazy all winter, and nothing else. None the less, it is a workable and successful strategy for many people.

Kind of funny how weather can change our motivation levels, but it can. Just think about it, when it gets cold, we stop drinking water, we bundle up in heavy fat clothes, and because nobody, or so we think, can tell we are gaining weight or that anyone notices our addition of poundage.

All I can say is I welcome warmer weather as it actually gets us moving and keeps us feeling and looking better and motivates us to care again, if only for the season.Another plus is it kicks us in the rear end to attain or strive towards our goals. So, welcome back summer, I have missed you.

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