Friday, April 27, 2007

When enough is not enough, but it really should be!

I think it is really time we take a good look at the American diet. I went out to eat tonight and was even more amazed to see how much bigger people are getting and they are eating twice or three times the amount of food they should be eating. In some cases enough food at that one meal for three days of a normal diet. I know we love to eat and we base our entire life both socially spiritually, and mentally on food, but I THINK IT REALLY IS TIME FOR A WAKE UP CALL.I am talking about kids of all ages and adults of all sizes, races and men and women equally. I was also amazed to see how true it was that this epidemic does follow environmental settings as most families seem to be getting larger together.

I heard a statistic the other day again from a pretty valued source that said for the first time in the history of America the parents of the baby boomers have a great chance to outlive their kids. Wow, that is a scary thought!! I have recommended programs to people for years now but when it really comes down to it, they need to want it, and want it badly enough to just do it. Change I mean, big changes and sacrifices and looking at life completely differently than they ever have before.

The funny thing is, and it took me years and years of struggling myself to realize it, and up until recently I never really thought about it this way, it is only food. It is not air, or water or any of those other things you could not in your mind live without like toys or hobbies or clothes or gadgets, it is just food.The thing is in America, most people have never really been hungry, I mean never because it is always easy to get the next meal. So why do we eat as if it is our last meal every day?

I mean really, we see it, we eat it, we chew it ,we swallow it, and then in America we feel guilty about it and swear to stop eating it, but we don't. It is like I always said on Monday morning, "today is the day", until noon and then it was not the day anymore because I could always stress out and then cheat and say, well next Monday. I could have started at the next meal, but it was always ultimately easier to push it up another week.

The final straw for most people happens when we are completely disgusted with our health, and the total unhappiness with our self image .Of course the possibly of a health scare that pops up will usually makes something click in the clerical intelligent part of our brain, although It should be plain old common sense .For me, it was just time and long overdue.

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