Monday, April 9, 2007

Pet food

Have you had any problems with the recall and your pet and the food you have been feeding? The establishment has assured us that all of the food on the shelves has been tested for purity. I wonder where the FDA was and why they have not been doing any testing along the way, and why the main distributor Menu Foods had waited so long to start the recall and go public, and how long they actually knew? I am also interseted in why they used products that are not or were not tested.

I think one or two good things will come out of this fiasco. One, the pet food industry will now start checking and testing the raw products because they have learned that this is a very upset and passionate and fighting group of people, us pet owners. Two, maybe we as a group will learn not to put our faith in buying food and taking for granted that it is always good enough, and maybe people will start supplementing and adding great food to the pet food. This way we can make sure we are not only safe with our pets, but they will have the best nutrition available. We have to remember that our pets are only as healthy as we allow them to be, and we need to treat them as family members and maybe they will be healthier for it.

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