Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hot weather is upon us

So have you started having hot weather in the area you live in? We are in the high eighties and on our way to the one hundred plus mark here in Las Vegas. Although we go through this every year, people act as if it is the first time they have ever been in a desert climate.

I hear from people all the time that it is too hot, in the winter it is too cold, too windy, too much pollen, to dry or too wet, there really is no pleasing these people no matter what. Some of them if they won the lottery would not think of the millions they won, but instead think of the taxes they had to pay. But I digress, weather will always be a factor that we live with, cannot change, and if we do not like it you need to move someplace where the weather suits you.

Some preparations and supplements that need to be remembered here in the desert include drinking more water, remember other beverages like sodas and coffee do not count. The addition of mineral supplements to the diet will also cut down on heat exposure and protect the bodies electrolyte balance. There is also a product called Emergen -C which can be added to any beverage to give you a natural mineral enhanced electrolyte drink. I have recommended it to so many people that every year they automatically use it every year like clockwork.

Out here in the desert there are many outdoor workers that are exposed to the heat full force every day, and some drink a lot of soda as nobody ever told them about protecting their electrolyte balance. Many of them without adding minerals or electrolyte supplements can end up with blood pressure problems as well as heart, and muscle cramping.

Keep the water in sight and handy and make it part of the diet. Push the sodas and coffee to the side as they really do not quench the thirst or replace the fluids that the body has dehydrated. You will feel a lot more energetic on a hot summer day if you add minerals, electrolyte powers, and drink fresh clean water.

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