Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Who me, I cannot believe you are talking about me?

I have finally come to the conclusion that people are basically waiting for miracles to obtain the changes they need to happen. Let's face it, the idea of Publishes Clearinghouse knocking on our door is that of fantasy and dreams come true, but lets face it, chances are, it is not going to happen.

So why then do we wait for someone to tell us to make changes or for somebody somewhere to say that we should do this or that and now or else. I am always amazed when I speak with someone that says my Doctor told me to lose weight. Wow, was it a real surprise, did you not know, were you shocked by the news? We should know it is time when we cannot fit comfortably in eighty percent of our clothes. When we come home at night and have three or four cocktails and then the Doctor tells us that out liver does not look so healthy and says to stop drinking, or at the least cut way back, can we actually be astounded at this revelation? Or the most amazing, when we go in for the yearly physical and the chest x ray is bad and we are told to quit smoking and we shake out heads in disbelief?

I guess I am from the school that we make our beds we lay in them, we create bad habits and we have to break them, and we need to be in charge and stop having to let someone else tell us what to do. I guess it comes down to the fact that we like others to take responsibility for our actions because it is easier than taking responsibility for them ourselves, I guess?

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