Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blood Pressure

I am often asked about alternatives for blood pressure reduction without jumping right into prescription treatment. Many people fall right into the path that is set forth by the Doctor and never realize that there are alternatives available.

Blood pressure problems can be serious and life threatening if not treated. Many people have heart attacks and strokes and some have no idea they even had the problem to start with. Maybe this is why high blood pressure is called the silent killer. They say that people end up in the emergency room daily and find out for the first time their blood pressure is high. In this day and age with stress levels being so high, and sodium levels out of sight with our bad diets, it is no surprise that one out of three adults has it.

When you are on blood pressure medication there are side effects that many Physicians fail to tell you about. Medication for some people can be a life saver, but for others it can be the beginning of a long trail of medication after medication that do not work, side effects, frustrations and stress. It can end up being a long line of disappointments.

So what is available as an alternative to the medication. There are many things that can be done to reduce it without the drugs. Weight loss is a great start as well as cardiovascular exercise. Increasing water and reducing caffeine consumption as well as stopping sodium intake. Supplements that can be very successful are herbs like Hawthorn, Cayenne, Valarian, Kava, as well as the minerals Calcium and Magnesium, also combinations like BP blend are used with great success.

The thing to remember is that alternatives do exist and sometimes you need to do a little research on your own. Many times the correct solution may be as close as your supplement vitamin store and not at the pharmacy, but without a little research you may never know an alternative exists.

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