Thursday, April 5, 2007

Ninety days to get a new attitude and a lower cholesterol level

When asked about choosing cholesterol medication over natural alternatives, the answer is simple. When the Doctor first tells you your cholesterol is high, it most likely is, and most likely you are doing all the wrong things to start with.

Chances are you are eating the wrong things, drinking too much alcohol, eating too many carbohydrates, and being inactive and drinking far too little water. How close am I to the truth with regards to your cholesterol? I am usually right on as most people cause the problem themselves and we have only ourselves to blame. The reason I say this is because when you are diagnosed with a high cholesterol, rather than jumping right into a pharmaceutical drug and dealing with all of the complications and possible side effects, don't you think you owe your yourself and your body a chance to correct and do things the right way first?

We have a tendency to treat ourselves badly most of the time and just expect these bodies to keep going at top speed and stay in tip top perfect condition. We never think that it will slow down or become faulty or actually stop working all together. That could not happen to us, other people maybe, but not us! So when the diagnoses comes and before you leave the office ask a few questions of your Physician.

1) Will I die tomorrow if I do not take this drug?

2) Can I have a few months to change my diet, exercise program and try nutrition for an alternative?

3) And I would like to come back in three months and test the blood again, compare it to today's blood work, and if I have not been able to do it on my own then try the prescription.

I will say that ninety percent of the time the Doctor will say fine, and make an appointment for three months from that date for blood work.

So you now have the Doctors permission to give it a try, so what next? Most people think that only deep fried food and red meat can cause high cholesterol. That could not be farther from the truth. Did you know that by over consuming carbohydrates and sugars and over loading the liver and putting on a belly or adipose gut fat, your cholesterol will go up. Alcohol is another factor for the cholesterol problem as is inactivity, smoking, sugar, caffeine, as well as junk foods and eating deep fried everything. Most people will ask what should I eat to correct this problem?

My recommendation is to eat high protein and low carbohydrate for ninety days. Meaning chicken, fish, all seafood, eggs, meat- yes meat, pork, turkey, tuna, good quality cheese, all green vegetables and lettuce, and one piece of purple fruit or a half a cup of berries every day. This selection is actually more that you can imagine to choose from and of course cutting out beverages except water, diet sodas or Crystal light, black coffee, tea or iced tea will also help.

This program can actually cause your body to burn stored fats in the liver and in the blood and shrink you down at the same time. Many people will say not only did my level of cholesterol go down, but my sugar plummeted down, and I lost twenty five pounds, not a bad side effect hey?

The nutrition part entails adding Lipotropics, a concentrated form of lecithin for fat emulsifying and liver cleansing. Cholesterol formula, a blend of all nutrients to lower serum cholesterol including Red Rice Yeast and Policosanol, among other great nutrients. No Flush Niacin to cause a histamine reaction to break down triglycerides and fat in the blood, and a great digestive enzyme to process the protein effectively, I like the Ergozymes.

I get feedback every single day on this program. As so many people are using it for the reduction of high cholesterol, I usually hear more about all of the other wonderful changes it has made. The funny thing is everyone, and I mean everyone says, "I do not think I can do this", and three months later sporting a new look, and great blood workup and a new attitude I hear " I do not think I could live any other way".

So here it is, take the advice and run with it, and treat yourself better and give something back to yourself, YOUR HEALTH!!!!

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