Friday, April 13, 2007


Dry skin is a problem in almost every city and every sate in the country. For some people it is due to bad diet, and for others it can be environmental, allergies, side effects of medication, bad circulation, internal dehydration or stress. Depending on the actual cause, the treatments can be very different.

For many people the Doctor will tell them it can be caused from over three thousand different allergies as well as a multiple amount of different reasons. I am sorry to say that the traditional treatment form the medical establishment seems to be the same, no matter the cause. Take warm showers and not every day, drink a lot of water, use internal steroids, smother yourself in topical steroid hydro cortisone cream, and try to relax.

For some people this may work for a while temporarily, but for most it is stop one in a long term bout of revolving Dermatologist visits. Many of which will be non productive and in the long run never get to the true cause of the skin issues.

Many people not only have dry skin issues but over the last ten years we have seen a huge increase in Psoriasis and Eczema and Contact Dermatitis, all with the same procedure being recommended.

I think nutrition and diet needs to also play an important role, to the degree that it will most likely be the procedure that will give total and lasting benefits. Start with the diet, cut out as much junk food, sugar and caffeine as possible as well as greasy deep fried foods. Try increasing your consumption of greens and protein as well as putting yourself on a substantial amount of fresh water as your main beverage. Many people have skin disorders as a result of bad diet and impurities in the blood, so a cleanse might be in order to remove all of those impurities so they do not come through the skin.

Remember to take good quality supplements. Start out with a good foundation program with alll the bases covered like the NSP program. Add in extra Probiotics, digestive enzymes and oils like Fish oils capsules as well as Flax seed oil everyday. Just this small amount of change can produce huge benefits for you, and usually at a quick rate of time. There are also skin formulas that have extra nutrients that you may find beneficial.

Topically look at Squalene oil and lotion. They will lubricate the skin as well as condition and heal dry and irritated skin. It is non greasy and penetrates so fast you will think you almost forgot to put it on.

Good luck, and remember, if you need extra information on healthy skin, drop me an email anytime.

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