Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fate, coincidence or just an alternative

Do you think that people come into our lives for a reason. Over the years I have had people walk up to me and make a suggestion about many different things, surprisingly the suggestions that were timely at that moment, and when I listened to them they made a difference. I have had people that will e-mail me or call me and say I was driving into or out of Las Vegas and I heard your radio show, and you were talking about a problem I have had for years, with no success in any area I have tried, and nobody has ever suggested that I had another alternative.

Is this timing, or one of those Rod Sterling Twilight Zone moments? Now not to get too philosophical or anything, but I do feel that there are no real coincidences and that fate does rule. I have had times when I was working with a customer and someone in the store that I do not know will walk by and make a suggestion about something they used for the subject we were discussing. I will think to myself, wow I forgot all about that, and realize that it was the perfect choice, and when I look around the person is gone. Hmm, makes you kind of wonder.

Years ago, actually many years ago I had a native American women come in my store and pick up her supplements. She said on her way out, "you know taking about four ounces of Aloe Vera every day will cure that ulcer". She left, and I stood there in amazement as that morning I was at the Doctors office, and had a prescription in my pocket for medication for my ulcer. Now many people will say weird, voodoo or whatever they would like to call it, I just say that things happen for a reason.

I guess that there are many cultures, some very primitive tribal communities that are able diagnose a problem by just looking at you, and with accuracy. There are also healers that have been known to to do miracles with just heat from their hands. In these cultures this form of "medicine" is accepted and well known. In many more technological societies, the proof has to be in traditional proven trials, with long term medication testing, and after all of that most medicine has a low success rate and a high malpractice and side effect list.

So what form of medicine is the one that is the golden path to follow for success. Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Natropathic, Homeopathic, Massage therapy, Kinesiology, Chinese or Asian medicine, or so called Witch Doctor medicine, or even tribal Jujus, all of these are different paths to a desired result.

I have learned that somethings that come our way should not be questioned or challenged and other things should not be labeled as weird or wrong just because they are different. Matter of fact, what is so called normal medicine today, would have been termed as quackery thirty years ago, and I am sure that thirty years from now all of this technology will look very primitive.

I think we all need to learn that running to a specific Doctor does not have to be your only protocol, sometimes alternatives may just be a different way of looking at a means to an end.

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