Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The reason we are given two ears and one mouth, to listen twice as much as we talk.

Today I learned that when you take the time to explain things to someone that we are used to talking about every day, and the other person was not even aware that what you are talking about existed, it means something extra special.

Today I was speaking to a woman about cholesterol. She said her Doctor has had her on four different kinds of medication for it, and none have done the job. She has experienced liver enzyme elevations, upset stomach, ulcer problems, digestive disorders and dizziness. When she tells her Doctor this, he says you have to deal with it because of your bad habits. I thought that maybe this "Doctor" and I use the title loosely was possibly an intern with no bedside matters, or an old cranky Doctor that needed to retire, but I was surprised to find out that he is one of the top in his field. I think this is what upset me even more, that he has the expertise, but he also possesses the arrogance, and obnoxiousness that seems to go hand in hand. The end result, the Doctor said if you do not like what I give you, then go somewhere else, so she did just that.

The most interesting thing was that he never talked about alternatives, diet, exercise, water consumption, and this is supposed to be the cream at the top of the Doctor pool? I asked her how open she was to nutrition and diet change, and would she be able to change some bad habits including the addition of exercise, she said let's do it.

We then worked out a diet that was mostly high protein and low carbohydrate, and we cut out all foods that were simple sugars, bleached flours, deep fried -and fast foods, and I had to re introduce her to water. So far, she had no problems, and was actually excited, I think it was nice to have someone actually care, rather than flip out the white pad, choose a prescription and send you merrily on your way. We next started with supplements, I put her on a strong multiple once per day, Lipotropics for fat emulsion and to clean out the liver. I put her on the latest Cholesterol counter product that contains all of the herbs and nutrients to actually do what the drugs do, but with no side effects. The next addition was Flax Seed oil, about two Tablespoons per day or you can also use capsules.

I am feeling positive that she will finally get her system under control, and at the same time I am disgusted that more Doctors do not offer or at least mention an alternative route. I wonder how the Doctors can be so overly arrogant to think that they alone are God, and that everything they decide on is the one and only way to get the desired results. I pray for a day when more Doctors cross over to a union between the two worlds, prescription and alternative. I know many Doctors that are open to both sides and I applaud them.

Moral, if you are on prescriptions for cholesterol reduction and the drugs are not working, work with your Doctor and explain your thoughts about a three month trial without the drugs to see if you can do it on your own. Many people find out that the diet leans them down, the added exercise speeds the burning of fat and increasing the effectiveness of your cardiovascular system, and the supplements then work on the actual problem. I do not think I have ever had anyone that did overall benefit from this choice to take control.

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