Monday, January 29, 2007

Committment in our minds, but sometimes not in our hearts

Have you noticed that although we have even more ways to get in shape and feel better that we are now thinking of even more excuses to not do them. I really think that we as a nation hate dieting and exercising so much, that we are are more likely to work even longer hours so we do not have time to do it. I Really think this is true. I know people that will say lets go for a run or let's work out on Monday, I need to get back to the gym, and will dodge the phone calls to confirm because they really do not want to go that bad. I think that sometimes, sad but true, even if you need and want a change, if you are not totally committed, it will not happen.

I watch the faces of customers that are desperate to make changes, or who are not feeling well, and are actually disgusted about the way they are running their lives. I then give them a list of nutritional supplements to use and then talk about incorporating diet and exercise, and I can say I actually see the blood drain out of their faces. Just ten minutes prior to this, they were desperate to make a change and when the E and D word come into the equation, it changes immediately.

Why do you think that is? I think I am right that nobody wants to do what it takes to get to the way they either want to feel or the way they want to look. It is like those people that watch them draw the numbers for the lottery and say they would do this and they would do that if they won the lottery, problem is, you have to BUY A TICKET TO PLAY!''

The same thing goes, people will see others that have lost weight, quit smoking, quit this or that bad habit. and look great and they feel even better, and everyone says I want to do that too, but they don't.

Most people want the change, need the change either for their self esteem or for their health, but when it comes down to it, they will not do it until they want it bad enough to do what is needed, and never will UNTIL the time is right.

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