Saturday, January 27, 2007

Allergy season just down the road

Well, happy last Saturday of January to you all. A month down already and here we are staring down spring in the face. Does not quite feel like spring out here in Las Vegas, but the days are warming up a little, but the mornings are still just but too nippy for me!

As we start to progress into springtime, what comes with it is pollen, and then allergies. I thought I would lay some paving stones for you to get yourself ready for the inevitable. I know that all parts of the country deal with their own geographic allergy problems, but here in Ls Vegas, we deal with every bodies. By that I mean we are a huge growing metropolis, and people are moving here from all over the country and all over the world. With them, even though this is a desert, they bring their landscaping from home. They bring things that need too much watering, they bring and add moisture which creates humidity, and then all of the new pollens are created.

So when people suffer with allergies in Ls Vegas, it is almost impossible to identify exactly what they are allergic to, as every time we get a set protocol of known allergens, here comes Mr and Mrs Midwest bringing their trees and shrubs they like to Las Vegas. I think there should be a list of allowable plants and shrubs and grasses that people are allowed to use. This could be a huge list, but once it is set, there should be no variations, and people who bring new pollens into the area should be made to dig up those plants.

The thing is, most people that bring all of these plants and shrubs with them are used to them, and usually have no allergy problems. But after they live here for a few years, they will develop allergies and be standing on a soap box of their own.

So, nutrition for allergy prevention and to help you deal with them. Start with Vitamin C, about 3000 MG daily and always timed released, Add a strong Multiple Vitamin, again timed released, and then add 2000mg of Pantothenic Acid to support your adrenal glands. There is a wonderful formula out there put out by Great Earth called Pollen Season formula, it is loaded with support for the season. Last but not least, a homeopathic formula called Las Vegas nix has been a mainstay here for about twenty years now. Actually the company Dolisos makes these specific formulas for areas all over the country, and they work great.

The rest of the suggestions deal with increasing water consumption, cutting out all dairy, wheat, gluten, and starch carbohydrates, as all of these will cause mucous and draining. That's it, it is very easy, and can be done in most case3s without prescriptions, or over the counter energy draining allergy preparations. Plus you will have lots of energy and still be able to be out in the pollen and not hiding inside.

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