Saturday, January 6, 2007

How do you measure success in life?

I have been told that being successful in life is measured by the things we possess, the things we have accomplished and the legacy we leave behind. I guess all of the above is true in some sense, but I think our success in life should be measure by how well we take care of ourselves, our health while we are here on this planet, and what we have learned and taught about health to others while we are here.

It can be argued that the list above is what makes life great and affords us the availability of funds to be able to buy the best insurance, the highest quality nutrients, and to afford organic and high quality foods. Without the success, and the funds were procure, we could not live a healthy life.

I agree with all of this but putting it in perspective, without our health, we cannot work hard and make money, or be able to spend the money on full spectrum insurance coverage, or buy the best supplements and nutritional foods. So I guess it comes down to one thing, "which came first, the chicken or the egg"? My opinion is, without good health, nothing else has a chance to develop. I have always felt that living longer does not always equal living better, or healthier, sometimes it just means being on this planet longer than expected.

So when I am asked what can we do to insure a healthier life I always say the same thing: eat better, exercise more, take your supplements every day, try to have a positive attitude and do not spend your time dwelling on negative thoughts. Try to forgive and forget and move on, because holding on to this stuff is unneeded stress you can control. Have wonderful friends and lots of love in your life, and leave a legacy of people that will miss you when you are gone because their lives were fuller just for knowing you. Hopefully these few things will give us a fighting chance at a long, healthy, fuller and more complete journey.

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