Sunday, January 21, 2007

Just never enough time to be healthy, or is there?

Are you willing to do all of the things it takes to stay healthy in the near future? We are very close to a time when if we continue to eat the American diet and live the American lifestyle, it will be a necessity to be on up to four or five medications just to survive.

That is a scary thought, but if you would have said twenty five years ago that people in their twenties would be suffering and being diagnosed with geriatric diseases, I would have said I do not believe it. People actually in their twenties and thirties with old folks diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic arthritis, degenerative osteoporosis, vascular circulatory disease, life threatening high cholesterol and clogging of the arteries.

But this is the life most people choose to live. A life that is fast paced, always on the go, no time for preparation of quality food, living on whatever food you can scoop up along the way, and although we know the importance of stress relief and exercise, we just cannot seem to fit it in. We have everything in our life nowadays that increases the speed at which we do almost everything, but have you noticed that with all of these huge time savers, you still cannot get everything done?

How did people function thirty years ago with no computers, no cellular phones and no e- mail? A time when if you wanted to get information to someone it had to be sent by mail, or to contact them you had to use a pay phone, or just wait until you got home to call them.

I am always thinking about how far we have gone in thirty years, and where we were before all of the high tech everything affected our lives, but then I look with all of it supposedly working for us, we are still so terribly unhealthy.

Most people will never change or slow down ,or in fact decide to do those things they always say they know they need to do. So when asked what are some of the basics to do nutritionally I usually steer most people in the same direction. A direction that obviously cannot correct all of the wrongs they do every day, but at least do some corrective work to restore areas of malnutrition and voids created by the American way of living.

Start with a high potency Multiple Vitamin, always timed released with a high B Complex in it. Supplemental Vitamin C, again using a complex form and always timed released, take Vitamin E supplementally as well as a separate Multiple mineral .At night time extra Calcium and Magnesium should be taken, and depending on the amount of fats in the diet or pre existing problems with blood pressure, Chromium Picolinate, Lipotropics and Cayenne Pepper should round out the program. Just by running these nutrients through your system while trying to make some dietary changes, increasing physical activity and drinking more fresh healthy water, you can help to add years to your life much easier than you can imagine.

Let's face it, everyone wants to eat what they want and when they want it, and never exercise and be able to partake in all the bad things,I guess this is just human nature, but be realistic, if you want to have quality and quantity of life, you need to bend a little. I always say live in the grey area and stop trying to go all one way or another. When people try to stop things or change drastically from black to white or visa versa, it never lasts, but when you live in the world of MODERATION, life is much easier to handle.

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