Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hypocritical oath

When I am asked a great question, I like to hopefully be able to answer it, but second be able to bring it here as many people may be thinking the same thing. Today's question was one I get all the time and I know it is one that many people think of. The question is, with all of the changes in nutrition over the past fifteen years, why are so many Doctors still obnoxiously against nutrition, and have no problem pushing drugs with known side effects with out a blink?

Well, that is part of their field. Medications are what most Doctors know, and their "in school experiences" have to do with diagnosing and treating and the method they use is pharmaceutical. Now not to say that all Doctors have kept a rigid stance on the matter, as many have become nutritionally oriented and welcomed alternative medicine, some have also incorporated it into their practices, and others have switched over to a practice whose focus uses alternative medicine as the mainstay.

No matter what the opinions of Doctors are across the board, natural alternatives and supplementation is not going anywhere. I feel that the Doctors with the loudest negative voices against nutrition are usually the ones with the least amount of either knowledge or nutritional teachings or experience, or they are just wearing blinders. Many Doctors also still fear that their becoming a proponent of natural alternatives will get them " kicked out of the boys club", so to say.

So no matter what the opinions of your Doctor, and whether he or she is negative and turns a nose in the air to nutrition, remember the end and final decision is up to you. It is ultimately your choice as to the kind of medicine you would like practiced on you, the person doing it, and what combination of medicine whether traditional or alternative is used. Try to remember that I wait on so many physicians that will still not recommend a thing to their patients, but take as much stuff for themselves and their families as I do.

Many Doctors , although it has been an uphill battle have learned the successes of vitamin, and herbal medicine. They have seen the side effects and class lawsuits against the drug manufacturers and have seen first hand the devastation that side effects and non success of drugs on their patients. Many are starting to send their patients into health food stores on a more regular basis for things like Red Rice yeast for cholesterol, and B -Complex for stress, and Niacin for circulation. They see Doctors from many other countries that are using the alternatives as the first line of defense and the drugs as a back up.They are reading the same articles as we do about the hands down great effects of natural medicine.

We also have to know that alternatives do not work for everyone, but why not try these approaches first. I would be very disgusted as a patient that after dealing with side effects from a medication I had to take that was given to me under the pretense that it was my only choice, to find out that I could have the same effects naturally.

I sometimes wonder if they, for those closeted nutritional non admitted Doctors that take handfuls of supplements and still do not recommend them that maybe for them it should be called the hypocritical oath instead.

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