Friday, January 5, 2007

Have you been on antibiotics lately?

As we are in the middle of Flu and cold season, and most of you have already given into the use of antibiotics, we need to address a common problem you may or mat not be aware of. The use of antibiotics in most cases does nothing to speed the recovery from the flu, but we still give into them. I think many people feel that if they have to sit in an emergency room or Doctors office, that they will not be leaving that office without that white piece of paper and a prescription for antibiotics.

I think we feel better when we are putting the stuff in our systems whether they will do anything for our problem or not. I know people that take an antibiotic and in an hour they psychologically feel better. Now we know this is not possible, but who am I to judge the power of suggestion, as long as it works and we get better.

The reason to mention the use, abuse and overuse of antibiotics is that very few of you know to or are told to replenish your good bacteria. When you take a course of wide spectrum strong antibiotics, you not only have the success of killing the bad bacteria in you're body, but as they are indiscriminate, they kill most if not all of the good supportive bacteria as well. What this means is that you leave yourself wide open for a relapse, and also open to a full line of other conditions and diseases because you killed your natural line of defense. This can cause a whole host of problems like yeast overgrowth, urinary tract, bladder and kidney infections. Women are very prone to vaginal yeast infections, and when they lose their defensive bacteria, they will almost be assured of a yeast infection.

The thing is, as hard as it is to correct this problem once you are totally depleted of good bacteria, and when you have a new host of problems plaguing you, it is so easy to prevent and fix. When you start taking an antibiotic, start taking a string Pro- biotic Acidophilus, up to three times per day to replenish your good bacteria. Continue taking them for up to three weeks after you have finished the first or in many cases second round of drugs to completely replenish the good stuff.

This is what you need to do to put back in the protective bacteria that most of us have low levels of anyway and what was killed off with antibiotics. Another helpful hint is to eat a non sugar added yogurt, as it will coat your stomach to protect it against the sensitivity of the drug.

This is an easy way to prevent further problems that we end up causing, due to the drug we are taking to get us better, go figure...

One more thing, make sure you follow this procedure with your kids as well, because if their digestive system gets run down at this early age, they may end up with a host of problems as an adult.

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