Thursday, January 4, 2007

Quality is there if you look for it, and should never be assumed.

I was asked the greatest question today I have ever been asked since I have been in the health and nutrition field. I was in the store setting today and a gentleman asked me this question. How does a consumer know that they are actually digesting their supplements, or if they are working when they have no history of taking things before and nothing to reference or compare it too? He further asked, let's say that I am taking supplements that are lousy and use low quality raw products, and they never work, I guess I will never know the difference until I take something that makes me feel the difference?

I paused for a second and said you are one hundred percent correct. I said the reason I have been with Great Earth for almost three decades is because what is on the bottle, is in the bottle, and the highest quality available raw sources are used so that when you need nutrients they are there. That is why when people try Great Earth and feel the difference, they do not switch, and when they have been using other products and try Great earth, they never go back, and end up wishing that they had tried them sooner. My heart goes out to people that spend hard earned money for supplements that do not fulfill dreams, promises or claims.

So this short blog today has one main point. Use the same discretion and place the same amount of importance into your supplement quality as you do with other things in your life that really do not need that much importance placed on them. Put the same importance and effort into your supplements as you do your car, your clothes and you house, because when you get right down to it, no good health, no great toys!!!

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