Thursday, January 11, 2007

The topical answer for winter dry skin

We all suffer the side effects of winter in many area like the flu, colds, cracked lips, cold sores, getting a chill that seems to last all day. We are also able to think of every excuse in the book why we do not want to go out side or do anything that requires us to leave the house once we are home. I think above all of this the worst winter curse is that of dry and itchy, scaly skin.

The summer months find us drinking lots of water, moisturizing frequently, using tanning oils and sweating, which in itself causes a natural moisturizing of the skin. After almost twenty years and researching so many skin oils and products, I always come back to my main stay, Mayumi Squalene oil and lotion.

Not only is this the most lubricating oil and lotion available, but it uses a fine grade squalene oil that gives the sensation of silk glove all over your body. A moisture that once on, stays with you all day. Many lotions feel great when applied, and in an hour your skin feels as though you applied nothing, this is annoying because you need to repeat the application all day long.

I have always had a bottle on the counter for people to try, and whether you are a gardener, a contractor, someone who shuffles paper all day, or someone who just has the worst dry and cracked skin, everybody benefits from it. Most people will use a sample, and come back a few hours later and ask where it is. They will say, my skin still feels great, this is the key. A fine grade, stay with you all day, non skin clogging lotion and separate oil for your face that does what we need the most in the winter, to lubricate, heal and protect our damaged skin.

Every one seems to age a little;e in the winter months, so why add to it with actually drying out your skin and covering it up with greasy lotions that do not stay with you? Pick up Squalene oil and lotion, and end winters curse of dry skin once and for all.

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