Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Are their natural eye drops for my eyes?

How amazing it is to get questions that I know other people have, but for whatever reason they still do not ask. Today's question was very seasonally appropriate. The question was is there an alternative to store eye drops for dryness and irritation.

Yes there is, I usually recommend a brand called Similison. It is a brand that I brought in years ago and frankly I did not even know how great it was. I brought it in at first because it was a natural eye drop that could be used even if someone wore contacts without even having to take the contact lenses out of their eyes. I learned over the years that it was not only an incredible eye drop for many purposes, but it could also be used as often as you needed.

Many eye drops, both over the counter and prescription can be used only ever so many hours, and sometimes you need it more often that they will allow, plus being a natural product, there are no side effects to worry about.

Over the years the company expanded their line and has added many new formulas and each one is a great as the previous. Dry eye formula, Allergy eye formula, Cataract formula, Computer eye strain formula,these are four of their wonderful products. Being specialized has made it easy for people to get the best formula for their individual needs.

So to answer your question, yes and the line is wonderful and you will be very happy to get incredible results without the use of chemical or synthetic materials. Your eyes will love you for it.

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