Friday, January 12, 2007

Cold air, and snow?? Hits Las Vegas

Crazy weather here in Las Vegas, cold, cold, cold. We actually have snow warnings for today and tomorrow. This is when the flu and cold season will take hold. We have been having great daytime weather and everyone has been dressing down, so to say. Now the weather will change and everyone will forget to adjust, and the antibiotic companies will be jumping for joy.

Short blog today, drink plenty of liquids, wash your hands often, increase your vitamin C, and take some extra Colloidal Silver, and also start using the nasal spray if you are around a lot of germs. Remember by washing your hands often and squirting silver up your nasal passages, you are halting the two main ways flu and cold germs are spread.

Have a super healthy weekend, stay out of the cold air as much as possible, and remember to keep drinking lots of water.

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