Monday, January 8, 2007

Are you on the compulsive sugar train, and want to stop it once and for all?

Have you ever wondered why some people you know have absolutely no desire for sweets or chocolate and you would not think twice about holding up a Krispy Kream doughnut shop to get your fix. Your cravings are so strong that you have gotten out of bed and gone to the store in the middle of the night to satisfy the cravings. Some people will say that sweets can actually control your mood, almost like a drug. It has been said that chocolate itself can calm the nerves, change the mood and for some people help with their depression, and PMS problems, and for others it can cause problems in both categories, yet it is still consumed by the truckload.

The thing we have to remember is that we somehow need to keep ourselves in the moderation category, although this task itself is sometimes harder that we want to admit. There is not only a desire for chocolate and sweets, but for many people it is actually a compulsion, and a habit, and something that they do not take lightly. I know people that have actually gone through withdrawal trying to quit sugar and over consuming sweets, and they have ended up in a deep depression. I know, it sounds ridiculous, quitting sugar and sweets causing mood swings but believe it. Many professionals have stated that sugar is so addicting that if it was to be approved today, it would need a prescription to be handed out and a Doctors note.

I am sure that this compulsion and sugar habit is the reason for the declining age of people developing type II Diabetes. There was a time when Type II Diabetes was a condition that was gereactric based, meaning you were older when it developed. Today, it is not uncommon for individuals to develop it in their twenties or thirties, which is only telling us that we are causing it ourselves with our terrible eating habits.

I want to give some suggestions for getting off the sugar train, and for allowing you to get the sugar out of your diet, and stopping the cravings once and for all. Step one is to drastically change your diet and start a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. A diabetic will benefit greatly from this diet as well, because as they cleanse out and reduce their cravings and lose weight, their sugar levels will drop drastically. This diet does many things for you, it allows you to start the withdrawal process and get you to where your body cleanses and uses up all of the stored sugars in the body and fatty cells. It also allows you, after about the third day, to stop thinking about sugar, and for many people this is a huge step. Most people, after a month have lost their cravings for sugar completely, and the only thing left is the actual mental habit of using it as a comfort food because the bodies addiction to it is long gone.

I also recommend that you take a good hearty dosage of Chromium Picolinate, up to 1000 mcg per day. This not only helps with the de- sugaring of your body and mind, but it does control cravings for sweets, burn fat and increase your energy at the same time. Increasing your water consumption at this time also helps the process move smoother, and reaching for water rather than a sugar drink or soda will help to kick the sugar habit much easier. You may also want to add Gymnea Sylvestre to help with the cravings. It also comes in capsule or tablet form , so taking it along with the Chromium is fast and easy.

So if you have a sugar craving problem, and a life controlling habit with sugar, AND you are ready to kick the sugar problem, remember it can be done. But just as with quitting smoking, drinking, and driving through the fast food window, you have to want to quit it, and only then will you be able to do it successfully. Diabetes is no laughing matter, ask anyone that has it and they will tell you how it has drastically changed their life for the worst. So if we finally realize that almost all of us have caused the Diabetes ourselves by our out of control eating habits and lifestyles, maybe once and for all we will make the needed changes to keep it far away from us, possibly forever.

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