Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How are your resolutions and life changes coming? Maybe they are not really the changes you want to make.

So after a few well deserved days off I am back. This weekend was an out of town trip to Arizona, and I thought Las Vegas was cold, it was a nightmare down there. Cold and windy, freezing temperatures every night, and hardly a break during the day, I spent a lot of time answering questions about nutrition, as we were all huddled up around out door heaters, did I mention it was an outdoor rodeo?

I have learned that no matter where you go, in this country anyway, people all have the desire to be healthier, happier and on less medications and less dependent upon Doctors. But on the other hand, I find that most people still do not want to do what is necessary to prevent or change problems that can actually be controlled, but instead have no trouble paying the consequences for their bad choices or actions. A little backwards in the thinking process if you ask me, but that is one thing about this country that I love so much, we have the freedom to choose either wisely or foolishly with just about ever aspect of our lives. We also have the availability to make changes when we are ready and willing and in our hearts have decided enough is enough, or we"hit the wall too many times".

My phiilosphy has always remained the same, changes have to be made by you, for you, and on your terms, and last but not least, when you and only you are ready. So many people try to change for their friends, their other halves, to create a relationship by making physical changes, to keep a dying relationship by changing themselves for someone else, these changes do not work and never ever last.

The true lasting "life" changes, are the ones that get in your head and your heart and gnaw at you until you realize that it is the thing to do at this time. These my friends, are the true resolutions, the ones that are meant to be permanent, the ones that seem effortless to fulfill, and are the ones that will be life changing.

So the moral of this blog, if you are still fighting to stick to the changes you are making for someone else, and losing ground every day, then possibly these changes are not ready to be made, or maybe one that you are making for someone else. This realization will be shocking for many people, but sometimes we know what goals we set that actually are attainable, and what changes we will actually be able to achieve, but we still try them and fail hugely more that none.

So if you are still pitter pattering around with getting started for a "resolution or life change", whether it is quitting smoking, dieting, changing a habit, or making some personal and necessary changes, make sure you are ready. And last, make sure the change is only for you, solely, even though others may benefit, the actual decision is yours. This will instantly set apart the goals that should be strived for, and the foolish ones that need not be looked at ever again.

Stay Healthy!

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