Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Chronic loose stools need to be addressed.

I had question today that is a common one, but also one that most people will not feel comfortable with asking. The question was about chronic, or frequent diarrhea, and is there anything natural to correct the problem?

The funny thing is, this is a very common problem that is everywhere today, and actually is a growing epidemic, along with many digestive disorders. Today's diet, stress levels, quality of food, carbonated beverages, alcohol consumption, lack of fiber, and fast paced lifestyles all add up to digestive disorders.

When you eat a diet of de- natured food and mix it with tannic acid beverages like coffee and soda, a loose stool is the end result for many people. Diarrhea is very common once and a while due to every day life, but when it drags on for days, weeks or even longer, there is a chance that medical check up is needed. Along with this prolonged problem comes malnutrition and mal absorption as things are purged through the digestive tract. This causes a weakening of the immune system, fatigue, and can actually cause heart problems as dehydration occurs and electrolytes get out of balance.

If you are plagued with this problem a few easy steps can make the difference and in many instances get you back in control of your elimination. First of all cutting out all forms of caffeine and tannic acid beverages will start the correction process. Next, pick up some course Psyllium husk powder and use two Tablespoons in yogurt ,morning and nighttime. Next, you need to add a strong Probiotic or Acidophilus to build good natural bacteria. Adding a bran muffin, and a whole grain cereal daily can help to provide substantial bulk.

I am not a believer in using a lot of complex carbohydrates, but in this case, sweet potatoes, yams, pasta, rice, and whole grain bread all add bulk. Of course water consumption adds moisture to help this work even faster. Most people get relief quite quickly, and many times the problem can be corrected.The last thing you want to add is a digestive enzyme so your food will assimilate better. Many times this in itself can be the cause of the problem to start with, it also is the easiest to correct.

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