Saturday, January 20, 2007

Questions are a good thing, but you have to ask them and not just think them.

I am finally at the stage to where I think that a little bit of information can be a bad thing. People listen to half of a conversation, they hear a commercial or a caller on a radio show, and really only hear part of the question and or the answer. They then read a little, do a little web surfing and listen to a fast talking and inexperienced person in a warehouse vitamin store that has no knowledge at all and then they base their health and life decisions on misinformed information. Important decisions should not be made lightly just because natural products are healthier that many medications, if taken incorrectly or in a wrong combination with medications, you can cause major damage.

I listen to people telling me why they are taking certain supplements, when and how much they are taking, and more times that none I want to scream and ask them, who told you that, and how can you think that the advice you received was anywhere close to correct?

I think it comes down to the age old idea, make it simple, tell me only what I need to know, do not educate me too much, just say when and how much and how often and I will be happy. So many people walk around with blinders on the eyes and ear plugs in their ears and only remove them when they have to. I had a gentleman today that asked me what he needed to take everyday, that's it, no other offered information. I started asking him questions and after about five minutes, he said how many more questions do you have to ask, I replied, I do not have to ask any, I do it because you obviously need some help, but are too trusting with people that are making uneducated choices for you and it is time you take what you need for you to make a difference. He looked at me with a deer in the headlight look for a while and replied " nobody ever has asked me these questions, any actually", I said that is why you still have all of the problems you had when you started.

Obviously we were in ear and eyes view of many other customers, and by the end of the conversation, I had over eight people waiting to ask questions that they might never have asked if I had not made such a case with this customer.

So what was a quick "may I help you", turned into a couple hours of detailed questions to get specific information to help some customers make wiser and more educated choices. Choices that will not only help them make great healthy decisions to make difference in their life, but also to have better overall health in general.

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