Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Are you looking your age, or younger, or OLDER???

Just because we are getting older, we do not have to look it. I think that most people look their age, or even older, because their skin does not allow them to conceal their age very well. We have a tendency to forget about basic things like hydration, both internal and external.

Let's say you turn fifty and you look in the mirror, and get a good look at yourself and realize that you look your age, and then you get depressed. The thing is, we take our skin for granted, and we do not think about it other than to wash it, shave it, and that's about it. We need to realize that prevention is the best policy, but good skin care at any time can yield winning results.

I have always been able to tell who is and who is not a good water drinker. People that drink a lot of water almost always has very healthy looking skin. If you are a smoker, or a alcohol drinker, and even a heavy coffee drinker, you can cause a lot of dehydration inside and especially outside to your skin. I am often asked why over the last ten years many adults are now having acne problems. There was a time when you were going through puberty, give or take a year that you would be subject to acne, and usually never again. But now, because of everything from pollution, food chemicals and preservatives, bad diet, coffee and soda over consumption, stress, prescriptions, lack of fluids, bad fat consumption and lack of good quality fat in the diet, and deficiencies of vitamins all add up to lousy and older looking skin.

So lets get to the point of this blog, what can you do to make a quick and permanent difference in the look and health of your skin. First of all, refer to yesterday's blog about cleansing as you cannot have a body full of toxins and not expect things to seep through the skin. A cleanse will flush out impurities that the body will eventually push through the skin an cause pimples, blotches, eczema, psoriasis and rashes, and even premature wrinkles.

Second thing to do is increase your consumption of water, a minimum of ten to twelve glasses per day,and even more if you can. Cut back on alcohol and soda and even coffee consumption. I know this may be a little difficult, but if you want a change, you need to make some changes. Let's face it, most of the skin problems that happen you actually created yourself, so making good changes is only fair, but you have to want the change to make the change!

Third change has to do with taking the correct supplements. Take a well balanced multiple vitamin full of high potency nutrients, I would choose the extra or ultra strength Hyvites. First, add about three thousand milligrams of a C- Complex Vitamin C, then add a 400 I.U dry form of Vitamin E like Oxy E. A skin supplement should be added next along with two to three Tablespoons of Flax Oil, I like the Barleans brand only. Just by adding these nutrients you will find a difference that is noticeable very quickly. But keep an eye on your digestion, if there is a problem we will need to reset the digestive system so that you can absorb everything completely. If there is a problem, add the Ergozymes and the Ultraduodophilus so you can not only digest your supplements more effectively, but your food as well.

Next, we need to look at the skin topically. For one month, stay away from all of the ridiculous over priced miracle cosmetics and replace them with Squalene oil, Squalene lotion, Aztec Secret clay mask and some Apple cider vinegar. You will do a facial mask once per week, and apply the Squalene oil to your face first thing in the morning and at bedtime and then use the lotion on the neck, hands ,arms and any dry body areas. Women, after applying the oil to your face, you can do makeup within a few minutes as it penetrates below the surface very quickly.

That's it, an easy way to correct the first impression visible signs of being older, or in some cases just looking older that you actually are. You will be surprised, and so will everyone that sees you. Don't tell them what you are doing, just let them wonder for a while, the rumors will eventually get around that you had cosmetic work done..

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